Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#TMC15 Recap

I got back a few days ago from my first Twitter Math Camp. I've been to lots of math conferences, but this one is special. I think I'll just make a list of thoughts. If you want the resources, go to the TMC wiki page.

All of us are smarter than one of us.
It's about the community, stupid.
No one cares.
But, everyone cares...
Some people are introverts and need a break. It's okay.
The way teachers talk about instruction is important.
How can you change your questioning to avoid yes/no answers?
Elementary teachers have a unique and difficult job - high school teachers can learn from them (and want to!) - we need to engage in more vertical conversations.
The conversations between the sessions can have the biggest impact.

A few personal revelations:
@wahdabug is taller and less blonde than I expected.
@mathymeg07 is sweet and kind (and probably a good driver at home).
@bstockus knows what he's talking about, but is nice about it.
@gfletchy uses different vocabulary late at night.
@JSchwartz10A needs think time, but has lots to say that makes me think.
@mswright2 is fun to travel with.

Twitter Math Camp was a guilty pleasure. I have a similar community with my Oregon Math Leaders and OCTM connections. But, seeing another way to run a conference is always good for me. And I loved meeting

Conference planning ideas (some are hard to do with 1200, but work well for less than 200):
Start on time (I tend to, but be explicit about it)
Flex sessions (add things that come up)
Speed dating (mix them up and make them talk!)
My favorites (kind of like our math-a-rama, but for anyone, not just pre-service teachers)
Social events
Slide show at the closing session (tell people about it and ask them to submit pictures)

Twitter Math Camp was like this salad, looks like cheese on the top, but there's plenty of good-for-you lettuce underneath.

Thanks to everyone that made TMC15 happen (@lmhenry9 in particular)!

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  1. "How can you change your questioning to avoid yes/no answers?" I see what you did there! :-)

    It was great we got to be roomies. Really glad you were up for it. I enjoyed your company (and the goat's).