Tuesday, July 28, 2015

K-12 Fraction Fun

So, I may have oversold this session with "fun" in the title, but 5 people showed up (still not sure why they weren't at Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces...). This was my original idea for a TMC (Twitter Math Camp) session. And it also came out of some Twitter conversations.

But, as it got closer, I thought, "wait, didn't I do something similar for Instructional Assistants in my district?" I had. So, I recycled that presentation. I loved the way my opener worked there and again at TMC:

Show 3/8 as many ways as you can.

This could be the basis for the whole progression of fractions K-12...  But, I did include some other problems.  I should have snapped pictures of their work (on the Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces - white boards on the walls).

At the end, I asked for reflections on Twitter using #TMC15 and #fractions. I only got one, but don't they say that one person that responds is representative of the 20 that didn't bother?  I appreciated the participation of everyone that came (especially the one that should have ran the session...).

My PowerPoint and the article we read are on the TMC Wiki.

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