Thursday, August 6, 2015


Oregon Math Leaders Conference Recap
August 2-4, 2015

Board Meeting-budgets, committees, action plans, motions, seconds, and passing

Opening keynote - Ricky Robertson "choose love in your practice."

Pentagames session - I shared information about the Oregon Pentagames contest with Jennifer Cox. We only had 3 attendees, but they seemed happy to hear more about Pentagames.  More info at

Random Acts of Math - I shared resources for K-2 teachers (10 attended - including one of my former teachers - and current mentor).
  • Number Talks 
  • Parent Involvement
  • #tmwyk
  • #ElemMathChat

Awards and Social was a place to honor the giants of Oregon math education and then network. I wish more people had stuck around.

State of the state updates from Oregon Department of Education are always helpful.
"Let's start thinking in the thousands, not hundreds, of teachers to impact changing their practice."
-Mark Freed
Area meetings are a chance to brainstorm and plan events for math teachers in our area.
I attended a great session on using the math practices to differentiate.

More time in area meetings. We submitted tasks to ODE for use with the Oregon Math Network:
I attended another great session on involving students in formative assessment (and revising their work).

The closing keynote seemed like an ad for Apple. The apps from the Algebraic Thinking Project are great. I wish he'd emphasized those and not flipping classrooms...

As usual, I came home exhausted, but thoughtful.


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