Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grades 4-5 Math Practices Workshop on 9/25/15

It's been a busy start to the school year! I started this post on Saturday, September 26th, the day after this workshop...

I got to work with all of our 4th and 5th grade teachers on the Math Practices and Performance Tasks at the end of September.

Here's what we did:

  • Introductions (shared favorite fall activity)
  • Agenda (lunch at 11:30!)
  • Norms and Learning Targets
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors Team Icebreaker (I learned it comes from the Playworks training, but I learned it from a Callahan Consultant)
  • Do the Dew 3 - Act from @gfletchy (Only a handful of teachers had heard of 3-acts, so this was a great way to intro - I wish I'd provided more links and time to explore them.)
  • Math Practices Jigsaw and Claim 4 Mapping (MP Grid and Claims
  • Brain Science video from Jo Boaler
  • Time to explore math practices and youcubed resources, followed by a gallery walk
  • Lunch break
  • Split into 4th and 5th grade groups to do a sample Performance Task
  • Shared updates from Smarter Balanced and the Oregon Test Administration Manual
  • Time to explore SBAC resources, followed by another gallery walk (accountability helped them use the time)
  • More time to explore and then inside/outside circle for sharing
  • Review, share SIOP strategies:
  • Evaluations, etc.
I should have spent more time explaining the Smarter Balanced claims (and included claims 2 and 3), but I liked the activity connecting them to the math practices. The teachers worked in groups of 8 so there were lots of voices to share ideas about the practices and claims.

The best thing to come out of this was requests for individual and team coaching. I'm now working with teachers on assessments, differentiation, and using manipulatives in their classrooms. After three years in this role, I'm finally feeling like I'm getting to the real work. I had to build relationships and be patient first.

If anyone is reading this... what activities would you recommend for learning about the CCSS math practices and performance tasks?