Friday, April 28, 2017

My Favorite NCTM Annual Session

Math in Your Feet: Moving Bodies are Learning Bodies
Malke Rosenfeld (@mathinyourfeet)

At 8 am on Saturday morning, I chose a session that I thought would include some movement and where I could connect with a #MTBoS teacher that I hadn't met before. After lots of problem solving and emphasis on student talk, I was ready for something different. This session reminded me how important movement is for students and gave me something new to share with my teachers.

Malke is a Teacher Artist and works with students as a visiting artist. She asked us to consider the question: "How are dance and math connected?"
We shared our thoughts using the hashtag: #movingmath. Check it out on twitter - there's more there!

Some insights:
Math is more than memorization
The body is a powerful thinking tool
Using the whole body opens up new avenues for learning
Math and dance are anxiety producing for many adults
Both math and dance are human created activities

A question we considered:
What’s your definition of “dancing the same” as your partner?

Facilitator questions that helped us:
“Does anybody have a dissenting opinion?”
“What are the words that can help us describe this?” Points to word wall

Walking out from this session, I was energized and optimistic about helping teachers see math as more than just numbers and fact fluency. I also started wondering how dance could fit in Robert Kaplinsky's Depth Of Knowledge grid (one of his blog posts:

My initial thoughts:
DOK1: Repeat steps to a dance you are taught
DOK2: Analyze 2 dances - are they "dancing the same"
DOK3: Create a dance with constraints (8 counts, turn the greatest number of degrees)
DOK4: Convince others to include dance in math class, including example dances and how they include math

How do you think dance can climb the DOK ladder?

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